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Dead Pixel Productions is the media syndication arm of Dead Pixel Sec. Under this umbrella we provide a public platform for content creators to host their content.


Detections Podcast

We are a weekly podcast hosted by @ExiledAtraidez and @Understudy77 discussing Infosec, Blue Teaming, Detections, and interviews with community members. All episode recaps and links can be found in our blog, and we can be found by searching detections on almost all major podcast providers.

The First Anniversary Episode Detections

Come along with us as we take a walk down memory lane, have a surprise segment with Recon Infosec about SocX, discuss just how intelligent one must be to be a hacker, and appreciate all of our supporters over the first year. Its a bit long, but many sentiments were shared.https://www.socx.ioRecon Infosec Episode: the show (
  1. The First Anniversary Episode
  2. Kicking it with Katelyn of [Censored]
  3. How to Say the Sexy Yes
  4. Tales from the bionic SOCMan w/ Mark Orlando
  5. Threat Hunting Thrillers

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