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  • Worldwide Accessible Pi-Hole With Cert Based Auth!

    @b34rd_tek Ok, ok, I know it sounds crazy! But please, hear me out on this one. What we are going to do is take a Pi 4, install Raspbian Lite, PiHole, Squid, Webmin, and AutoSSH. With these things and a free instance in Google Cloud Platform we can have some...

  • Owning 'Devel' the manual/non-metasploit way.

    01 January 2020 @initinfosec enumeration nmap Initial scan shows port 21 and 80. FTP on 21 is open for anonymous logon. ╭─initinfosec@theMachine ~/writeups/HTB/devel/enumeration ╰─➤ sudo nmap -sS -sV -p- -O -oA devel 1 ↵ Starting Nmap 7.80SVN ( ) at 2019-12-30 16:05 CST Nmap scan report for

  • Asking Probing Questions to get to the "Real Requirements"

    25 September 2019 @CharCharBonkles My grandpa was an engineer and a farmer, and as a kid I spent many summer weeks at my grandparents’ farm. I was introduced to centrifugal and centripetal forces as a youngster while helping my grandpa feed the many farm cats – after filling up their...